Mark Pender

MARK PENDER (self-portrait above) has contributed his painting ‘City of Paranoia’ to our project. This was inspired by graffiti seen on his daily commute into Liverpool Street station in the days when he worked in London. Now retired and established in Sherborne, his life has segued from weekend artist and full time finance professional to a much more active artistic existence (so rather than using his window to remind him on which side the debits go, its function as a source of light is much more important now). Bath born and raised, Mark specialises in large fantastical or whimsical oil paintings, often inspired by myth, fairytale, legend or, for some reason unknown except possibly that it has some great stories, The Old Testament. He has also proffered a written piece for The Waste Land Revisited anthology but is by no means to be considered “a writer”.

‘City of Paranoia’ ( below ) will be the cover image for the June 11th performance script of The Waste Land Revisited.

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