June Wentland

debut novel

Foolish Heroines

I live in Corsham but I’m a Yorkshire girl and boundlessly proud of being a product of Hull and the East Riding. DNA tests suggest that I’m a mix of Northern European (including English, Scottish, Irish and Danish), Norwegian, Swedish and Germanic and an MtDNA test revealed that 20,000 years ago my maternal ancestors were living near the Persian Gulf! My debut novel Foolish Heroines was published by Valley Press in September 2021. It was onglisted for the Blue Pencil Agency First Novel Award 2020. It could be described as a ‘magic realist’ novel. I certainly follow Louis McNeice in believing that: 

World is suddener than we fancy it. 

World is crazier and more of it than we think, 

Incorrigibly plural. 

Some of the things that inspire me and keep me enjoying this complicated and plural world are:

sunlight, creative projects, walking on very blustery days, flat landscapes with never ending skies and horizons, bright colours, sitting in a loud immersive-sound cinema with a tub of ice-cream, Guinness, meat pies, milky coffee, ‘good’ novels, ‘good’ poetry, interesting conversation, spending time with family and friends, and amazing scientific discoveries that boggle the mind!

My poetry has been published in a number of magazines such as Poetry Ireland Review, Stand, Poetry Salzburg Review, Ink Sweat and Tears etc and an in anthologies including ‘Eight Miles East of England’ a pamphlet that was part of Hull’s successful bid to be City of Culture 2017).  In the past I’ve sometimes had cats sharing my life but I currently have an imaginary dog called Tyrone who accompanies me on wind swept walks. He was kindly created and given to me by Marilyn Francis. I think he’s a mongrel with a good dose of Cairns terrier and Marilyn obviously trained him well as he’s no trouble at all!


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