About this blog

This blog is mainly about the activities I share with writers and artists in the West Country and beyond. At the moment ( January 2022) I am trying to keep pace with the progress of The Waste Land Revisited project which Bath Writers & Artists and the Devon group Moor Poets are working on to celebrate the centenary of TSEliot’s early masterpiece. Blog posts will feature this and I am slowly building a biography Page to include all of the participants.

FOURTEEN CONTRIBUTORS already have complete pages. This is also where you will find a short piece about my own writing history.

You will also find posts on this blog about writers I admire. The first of these will be dedicated to American translator Paul Rosenberg and author Allan Gurganus, who are chronicling the slow, scandalous death of Venice in Campaign for a Living Venice, their brilliant WordPress blog.

Sometimes I will try to share discussions arising in the Bath and Devon writers’ shared work on The Waste Land Revisited. Eliot’s 1919 essay ‘Tradition and the Individual Talent’ features in the January 4th post.

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