Cathy Nicholls

Cathy Nicholls lives on Exmoor at the end of a very narrow ‘No Through Road’ which has long grass growing up its middle.

She shares a life, a house, and a garden with her husband, a bad tempered terrier, a multi-lingual poodle, a pair of tawny owls, a blackbird, a robin, two ravens, an occasional rat, some wood pigeons, and a cluster of bats in the attic. 

She marks the season by the return of the prodigal swallows.

She is a grateful member of North Devon Poets.

She met Bath poet Sue Boyle at a North Devon Poetry Society ‘Stanza’ Workshop and she looks forward to the upcoming live performances in Bath in April and June 2022.

Cathy Nicholls has contributed wittily to The Waste Land Revisited. She has an irreverent knack for eavesdropping on the dead.

Cathy Nicholls writes: I spend too much time thinking ‘what if?’ or ‘how about?’ as well as, more positively, eliminating as many unnecessary definite articles as possible.

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