Ama Bolton

Waste Land Revisited : Ama has contributed to the script for Performance Day in June and is also one of the five script editors.

Ama Bolton is a poet and book-artist. She lives in Somerset with a sculptor and two hens, Sweet Pea and Marigold. She has a BA (Classics) from Keele University and City & Guilds certificates in Horticulture and Teaching Adults. 

A former member of The Liverpool School of Language, Music, Dream and Pun, she now convenes the Wells Fountain Poets.
Her work has appeared in magazines including Magma, Mslexia and Brittle Star, in anthologies from The Bridport Prize 2008 to Horses of a Different Colour (Dempsey & Windle, 2021) and has been performed at various festivals and on Radio 3’s The Verb.She has been attending Sue Boyle’s workshops and other events for a good many years. She enjoys collaborating and is very excited to be taking part in The Waste Land Revisited.

Ama Bolton’ s poem After the comet felt like a new genre of poetry, sci-fi or post-apocalyptic – chillingly beautiful. – Andrew McMillan, judge for the 2016 Cafe Writers Competition.

Coptic-sewn book made with handmade paper and botanical inks and paints for an exhibition in Glastonbury Abbey.

Ama has contributed generously to The Waste Land Revisited project and is one of the five page editors who have volunteered to create collaborative compilations from the individual pieces submitted by the zoom contributors.

AMA BOLTON writes : I have admired The Waste Land from a respectful distance since my literary grandmother gave me a book of Eliot’s poems when I was a teenager. Thanks to Sue Boyle’s Waste Land Revisited workshops I can now wander through its many rooms and feel at ease in them.

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